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This video was posted by one of those “street preachers” that were picketing a planned parenthood or something. In other words, harassing the women that are either working there or already in a vulnerable state, going there for help. This woman comes out with her loud ass pants and a water gun to distract the protesters with the power of her twerking and shouting.

Before I knew the context I just thought it was some asshole being more tacky than the street preacher. Now, I realize she’s sort of being an asshole for heroic reasons. Fighting fire with fire. Love it.

Absolutely incredible fan-made tribute to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 


If TV Shows Were Relationships

All illustrations done by the Drawfee crew. Check out their YouTube channel here —> Drawfee Show

Down and Dirty Duck (1974)


Favorite characters in Game of Thrones:

Poochie The Rockin’ Dog

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I queued this in December I’ve been waiting six months

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A cover of Avicci’s “Wake Me Up” from an incredible musician, Sam Meador